Swan Song The Ending Song Movie Watching Experience

Swan song is one of the better movies I've seen recently. This movie is supposed to be a sci-fi movie, but it took me less than 10 minutes to realize that it is a drama in a sci-fi skin. But I realized in less than ten minutes that it is a drama in sci-fi skin, exploring the depth of human nature. Synopsis: The hero is in his prime and has a happy, fast [...]...

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有雷,大雷。 2020年netflix上的新片,演一個佔有慾很強的男子是救護員,某天在救護車發生事故而半身不遂。原本論及婚嫁的女友原先還不離不棄,但最後還是不堪男主角殘廢後的古怪脾氣和監視的瘋狂行徑選[…]

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